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In line with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, Trivium Enterprises PTY LTD 638 244 854, trading as Trivium Recruitment (“Trivium Recruitment”) operates according to a strict policy that covers privacy and security on the internet and in our offline business practices.

Trivium Recruitment complies with the ten National Privacy Principles contained within the act. These are:

  • Collect personal information in a means that is reasonable, legitimate and non-invasive

  • Only to use information for the principal purpose for which it was collected

  • Ensure personal information is precise, complete and current

  • Protect personal information from misappropriation and loss, and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure

  • Have a policy document outlining your information handling practices and make this available to anyone who requests it

  • Give an individual access to personal information you hold about them when requested to do so

  • Only adopt, use or disclose a Commonwealth Government identifier if particular circumstances apply that would allow you to do so

  • Give people the option to transact with you anonymously whenever it is lawful and practicable to do so

  • Only transfer personal information to a recipient in a foreign country if the information will have fitting protection

  • Do not collect sensitive information unless the individual has consented; the collection is required by law; or in other special circumstances


In line with the act, this privacy policy discloses how Trivium Recruitment manages information you provide us.

Collection of Personal Information

Trivium Recruitment needs to collect personal information for the purposes of performing business transactions.


This information is collected with your knowledge and consent, and includes:

  • Your business name, ABN, business address, and contact information

  • Any service-specific information, including technical and business specifications

  • Our websites, email systems and other technology record information about all site visits or messages sent to us. The information is recorded automatically and includes:

  • The IP Address of your computer

  • The date and time

  • The information you requested

  • Any information you sent us (such as an email)

  • The referring page from where you initially entered our website

  • The session identifier of your last visit to our website

  • For authenticated users of our web services, we also record your login details in order to provide you with the service.

  • Use and Disclosure

  • Personally identifiable information is only used for the purpose it was collected. This allows us to provide our services to you. If you decide to cease dealing with Trivium Recruitment you can request all of your information to be destroyed.

  • Your personally identifiable information may also be used to conduct credit checks with credit organisations if you decide to purchase any Trivium Recruitment products or services.

  • Other non-personally identifiable information such as server logs is used to maintain our services and to provide broad statistical analysis of our website performance.

We may use the information we collect for our own promotional activities in order to offer you products or services that may suit you. You can opt-out of all communications.

No information collected at Trivium Recruitment is transferred or sold to third parties for the use of promotional marketing.

Accuracy of Information

You can contact us to view and amend any of the information we store about you via our contact page.

Trivium Recruitment requires accurate information to provide you with our services.

Protection of Information

Trivium Recruitment offers protection of your information in the following ways:

All sub-contractors that deal with Trivium Recruitment and are exposed to your information are required to have a non-disclosure agreement in place with Trivium Recruitment

  • No sensitive information is kept on servers accessible from the internet

  • All confidential information relating to any services we provide is stored behind industry-standard firewalls to protect from unauthorized access. You can request that we not use the internet to transmit or store this information.

  • Any sensitive information on hard copy is stored in lockable filing cabinets, and is shredded when it is no longer needed.


Access to Information

Upon request we will provide you with all the information we have collected from you. You may be charged an hourly fee for the collating and provision of this information.

Use of Commonwealth Government Identifiers

Trivium Recruitment uses ABNs for all businesses that we provide our products and services. This information is used to conduct business checks on your organisation. This information is stored offline, inaccessible from the internet.


Trivium Recruitment cannot provide products or services anonymously as we require identifiable information to technically set up all the products and services we provide. However we can provide pre-sales information such as quotations and analysis anonymously. Please specify this when you make initial contact.

You may also anonymously browse our publicly-available content on our websites by choosing not to log in or register. Personally-identifiable information is only collected with your consent, or when you send us information such as in an email or website form.

Trivium Recruitment is bound by other legislation that requires us to disclose internet activity by our users upon request from certain government departments such as ASIO or the federal police. Trivium Recruitment will only supply information to these authorities when required by law.

Transfer of Information

Trivium Recruitment will occasionally transfer information to third parties for the purposes of providing services to you. All businesses we deal with have a privacy policy that protects your information according to the Privacy Act 1988, or have a non-disclosure agreement in place to ensure your information is protected.


Trivium Recruitment does not collect personally-identifiable information without your consent. For our websites you provide consent by clicking the submit button on any web-based form.

Before we commence trading with customers we will require you to provide personally-identifiable information to us. Your consent is given by any verbal, written engagement with us in relation to the services we provide.

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